Current Work


A global health and electronics company engaged GF-Media to construct and deliver an ongoing calendar of B2B and B2C content designed to show how it was putting the consumer first. The material ranges from CEO blogging to white papers, all of which incorporate journalism rather than corporate-speak to get the message across.


We have helped to construct compelling brand narratives for investment banks, accountancy firms, media businesses and health and lifestyle companies, all of which have a global footprint.


A global media agency is currently using GF-Media to train its staff to tell better stories and engage with the media in a faster, more meaningful and more productive manner. Our unique two-module course has been specifically tailored for teams in Europe, Asia and the US.


GF-Media, in collaboration with a market research company, takes complex sets of brand research data from several well-known consumer brands and translates it to create powerful, shareable stories for both internal and external audiences.


This is a bespoke content service designed for senior executives and CEOs. We are able to capture individuals’ voices in ghost-written articles designed to boost their influence, placing the content on multiple print and digital platforms. Clients include individuals from seven FTSE-100 companies.