Grant Feller specialises in helping brands and leaders articulate their messages to a wide audience. He utilises the skills of a journalist to help you communicate with greater authenticity, tell better stories and make data more meaningful.

Why us

I spent more than 25 years as an international print and digital journalist, working at the highest levels.

I know how to make storytelling more potent. I can help you to build more convincing narratives. I’ll find the nugget that sets you apart from your competitors. And I will train your teams to write better reports and analyse the data more creatively.

I collaborate with a vast array of consultants and freelancers with whom I have worked at some of Britain’s most prestigious media organisations – newspapers, websites, magazines, radio and TV. Together, we construct cogent, informative, opinionated, memorable, measurable and shareable content designed to maximise company reputations, boost individual profiles and increase sales.

Our philosophy

There are two broad schools of content. That which larger agencies typically provide – SEO friendly, bite-sized chunks of content designed to plug a product and engage people on social networks.

And then there is content which defines a company’s – or, more especially, an executive’s – individual philosophy, outlines their reactions to events, creates a B2B and B2C persona that is more meaningful than the occasional Tweet.

With the aim of deepening understanding of that company and individual, so enhancing their reputations.

Once, there were few outlets for executives to engage in thought leadership, and the spaces available were closely guarded and subject to huge competition.

Now the opportunities are limitless – LinkedIn, Huffington Post, Forbes, the World Economic Forum, company websites, specialist web forums, personal blogs, national newspaper editorial and native sites. Our ghostwritten and bylined content has appeared on all of these and more.

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