We can train your teams to learn, develop and perfect story-finding, storywriting and storytelling skills.

Our interactive training sessions and workshops have been specifically adapted for online use, with Zoom, Teams and Webex

Our tailor-made half or full-day courses are designed to show staff how to find, write and develop brand stories to maximise impact. The aim is to provide you with skills to create meaningful and well-written stories that inspire action and decision-making.

Current example

We’ve been helping teams at – among others – HSBC, JustEat, Merck and Omnicom expand their skillsets and learn to think, react and write like journalists. References on request.

Topics covered include the following

All sessions are specifically tailored to your needs with real-work examples:

  • The 4 writing personas you need to perfect
  • Finding the meaningful nugget within all that data
  • The secrets to great B2B thought leadership
  • Simple journalistic hacks to writing faster – and better
  • How to use emotion as the driver of your content
  • Why your story may not be the story
  • The art of great sentences in reports, blogs, presentations and even emails
  • Get your point across so a person doesn’t have to read until the end
  • Cutting, rewriting, reshaping – how not to be afraid of them

For a free consultation, contact me directly or we can talk through your specific needs on 07801 821891